Your Renewable Energy Partner & Solution Provider

OSTED Company Profile

Ø      Since May 1990, OSTED with the established sales support and service networks in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India having around 75 professionals and 10 offices.

Ø      Provide total solutions in professional production, test, process, applications equipment, and technologies.

Ø      Products offered include Solar standard module & BIPV production equipment and technology, production equipment for the Optical Disc industry; Biofuel (Bioethanol & Biodiesel processing equipment), the peripheral equipment from other leading brands and etc.

Ø      Considering facts of ground-level air pollution, global warming, manufacturing and production implications, OSTED stepped in Renewable Energy.

Why Biofuel?

Ø      Economic Purpose: Utilize self generated energy, create job opportunity, improve rural prosperity

Ø      Safety Energy : Increase diversification sources of energy

Ø      Renewable Energy: Global Greenhouse Gas (Kyoto protocol), CO2 reduction

Ø      Increase octane value: Replace MTBE


Ø      To be one of the largest Bio-energy companies actively developing plantation, manufacturing, and distribution.


Ø      Secure Raw Material

Ø      Provide equipment & peripherals for biofuels production

Ø      Establish distribution channel for biofuels  


OSTED Geometry Network

    1.  Taiwan
    2.  Guangzhou
    3.  Beijing
    4.  Shanghai
    5.  Hong Kong
    6.  Singapore
    7.  Malaysia
    8.  Vietnam
    9.  Thailand
    10.  India
    11.  Indonesia